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Online Team and Group Stores

Every group or team wants to promote themselves. The more people that know about the group, the more likely that group can grow in membership. It is often difficult to know where to start when putting together a clothing or marketing package for a team or group. Splash can help you work your way thorugh this sometimes muddy water.

Team logos, design work, clothing, car stickers and banners are some of the areas we can help you work through. For the most part, all these items can be offered through a hard copy/paper order form - but using Splash and our online platform can allow you a lot more flexibility. Why only offer three differnt types of garments? With an online option, we can offer a multitude of clothing selections, and allow your members to pick exactly what they want.

Our sales staff will work with you on an item list you would like to have available, and help set the deadlines needed for order cut off dates to get these items in your hands on time. This online system will save your volunteers the hassle of putting together the orders, counting orders, and makes that handing out of items much easier. You will receive pre-sorted orders, with clearly named items so your handout is much less hectic.

At Splash, we never charge a handling or processing fee. Your membership has the option to pay for these items through our credit card processing platform, or PayPal. The ease of your volunteers not having to collect money, account for each payment, or worry about cash and check payments will save hours of work and headache.

Please contact Splash to learn more about how we can customize an online store for you.