emb.jpgOur embroidery service can sew your design directly into your garment using multicolored thread for a classic homespun style. Minimum order quantity does not apply for embroidery. Once we have your design set up doing one or 100 is just a matter of time. Depending on your logo there may be a "digitizing" cost (a one time fee where we turn your image into an embroidery file that can be read by our machine). Once the file is in this format, it belongs to you. Most embroidery shops use file formats that are universal across different software programs. So if you already have your logo embroidered on an item, chances are you can get your hands on that file from your current embroider for us to use. Sizing of logos can be difficult with embroidery. If your logo is already a 3"x3" design, we won't be able to simply make it 10"x10" without having it digitized again. The embroidery software isn't efficient at adding or subtracting thread to make the design larger. You won't be happy with the quality of the stitch on the final product. If this is an issue we can help you make a decision on what to do next.

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