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Splash offers garment decoration and digital printing.  Those services can range from screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery, decals, vinyl printing, and wide format posters and pictures.  The possibilities are endless with no job being too small or too large.  A t-shirt for you and a friend?  Some jerseys for your Tuesday night adult softball team?  Outfitting your entire youth hockey association?  Polos for your sales staff when they are at a trade show?  Vehicle decals to help transform your company car into a rolling billboard?  All of these are possibilities.

When you contact us about making something special for you we listen to what you have to say.  We work with you on your project to get it done the way you want, in a budget that works for you and on time.  Our commitment to you, our customers, is the most important thing we can offer.  Get it done right, on time, and for the price we agreed upon.


Bringing your idea to life is as easy as giving us your vision.  There is no need to spend time hammering out your design in a design software that may be out of your comfort level.  Don't spend hours trying to get it "just right".  That is what we do.  It is our specialty.  We will take your ideas and work our magic to make it a one of a kind piece that you will be proud to wear.  Our staff is skilled at giving you ideas for designs that you may not have thought of, or decoration styles that will wow you and possibly save you money and time.


Other online design sites can take your simple idea and just hit "print" to make you the few items you need.  Our staff will tell you things about our services and products that you may not have even thought of.  When doing a t-shirt for a family get together, what about adding some can cozies?  What about taking that design and putting it on a hoodie for grandma to keep warm during the potluck?  How about a vinyl banner to put out by the road to help family members find your place?

Splash can take care of you from start to finish and fill in the blanks for those other items that you may never have known about.

Our Services

Screen Printing

The majority of the items we decorate use the standard screen printing method.  It is a tried and true process that gives you the flexibility for creating a design that stands out and is cost effective when doing larger quantities (usually 12 or more items).

When your design is ready to go we create a "screen" for each color and placement used in your artwork.  These screens give us the ability to use vibrant colors, distressed or "worn" looks, and shading that gives your print a dimensional look.  Some items are printed by hand, some are printed using an automatic press, but with this process a staff member is overseeing each garment to ensure quality.

Screen printing requires more preparation, time, and materials than other processes and therefore the more items you decorate, the less expensive this process can be.  Screen printing is by far the best option when needing bright colors, printing on dark items, and when you need higher quantities.

Digital Printing

For products with a high level of detail including photos, stickers, banners, and garments with high detail prints; digital printing is the way to go. This method takes your image straight from the computer and prints it directly to a wide array of mediums that can be used on a multitude of finished products.  These include t-shirts and other garments, stickers for your car or sports helmets, vinyl banners, and picture canvas.  Printing a picture on canvas is a great way to decorate at a wedding.

Digital printing requires very little physical setup and has limited design time - therefore doesn’t require minimum quantities on orders. 

Heat Transfer

Glitter, hologram, names on the back of jerseys, and one color single items - heat transfer printing is the best option.  When needing a design for a few number of garments, or where a large number of items all need custom info (names and numbers) this printing option is sometimes your best and only option.  The set up is very minimal, and the flexibility of placement for the design gives you a number of options.

Custom vinyls like glitters can get your design noticed.  Be the sparkly cheer mom in the stands - where your shirt can yell louder than you do.  Be one of a kind - the only person in the world that has that hoodie or tee.


Our embroidery service can sew your design directly into your garment using multicolored thread for a classic homespun style. Minimum order quantity does not apply for embroidery.  Once we have your design set up doing one or 100 is just a matter of time.  Depending on your logo there may be a "digitizing" cost (a one time fee where we turn your image into an embroidery file that can be read by our machine).  Once the file is in this format, it belongs to you.  Most embroidery shops use file formats that are universal across different software programs.  So if you already have your logo embroidered on an item, chances are you can get your hands on that file from your current embroider for us to use.  Sizing of logos can be difficult with embroidery.  If your logo is already a 3"x3" design, we won't be able to simply make it 10"x10" without having it digitized again.  The embroidery software isn't efficient at adding or subtracting thread to make the design larger.  You won't be happy with the quality of the stitch on the final product.  If this is an issue we can help you make a decision on what to do next.

What about the Blank Items?

At Splash we have access to literally thousands of different types of garments and styles options.  We can steer you in a direction of items we have had luck with that meet your requirements and even show you some items that you didn't know were available.  For some projects you can bring in your own items to have us decorate on them.  You will want to stop in to speak to us about any limitation associated with those items.

Let us help you with your next project.  Contact us today!