Sport Beans

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 With vitamins B, C and electrolytes. Great for exercise. Made with natural flavors and colors from natural sources.  Sold in 1-oz Bags

A collection of natural berry flavors comes together in a blend that's refreshing and clean. Berry has a light sweetness that's ideal for when you're particularly parched. 

Lemon Lime:
A bold surge of tanginess. Lemon Lime hits hard and lasts long, with a combination of natural flavors that provide the perfectly tart burst to reinvigorate you during an intense workout.

Your senses will be lit up by the powerfully juicy citrus taste. Brought to life with natural ingredients, Orange is brisk and invigorating, yet classically simple.

Fruit Punch:
The rush of flavor is unmistakable. Fruit Punch explodes on your taste buds, quenching your thirst and replenishing your spirit. And natural ingredients give it the extra kick that you crave.

Get a taste of all four Sport Beans flavors - Lemon Lime, Orange, Fruit Punch and Berry. It's a variety that will keep you refreshed through any workout!


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