IFLY JR, Pre-Elite, SR Group

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Suit: The equipment requirements for the IFLY JR, Pre-Elite, SR groups are that you have a well-fitting suit (such as a jammer for the boys and a one-piece suit for girls).  Grab bag suits are usually the best priced suits for practice.  Those suits can be found here.

Cap: You will need to have an IFLY team cap.  Non-personalized team caps can be purchased from Coach Tanja.  If you wish to have a personalized IFLY team cap (with your swimmer's name on the cap), those caps can be found here.

Goggles: Good fitting goggles are a must for swim practice.  There are many options available.  If your swimmer is under that age of 12, or has a narrow face, a Junior goggle might fit them better.  For other face shapes, or older swimmers, a regular goggle will work.  Typically, for swimmers under the age of 14 or who have narrow faces, these goggles fit the best.  For swimmers older than 14, these goggles fit the best.

Fins: Swimmers will need a pair of long swim fins.  Those can be selected above.


  • Size indicates color of fin.
  • Natural rubber product.
  • Floating Fins.
  • Sized correctly to fit your feet better.
  • Tabbed heal for easy on and off.
  • Increase your strength and speed in the water.

Mesh Bag: Swimmers will also need a mesh equipment bag to fit training equipment in when transporting them to and from practice.  Those can be elected above.


  • Medium-sized equipment bag designed to hold all your swimming essentials
  • Open weave mesh for strength and quick drying
  • Drawstring closure keeps items together and secure in bag
  • Exterior zip pocket

Snorkel: Swimmers will need a training Snorkel.  The Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel is available at the IFLY discount.  This can be selected above.


  • Engineered with the most hydrodynamic features
  • Minimalist design promotes excellent stability at high speeds
  • Padded TPR headband for comfort, eliminating headaches and pinching
  • Low profile shape offers maximum vision and drag reduction
  • Adjustable head band with notches on tube for consistent fitting
  • Tear-drop shape enhances stability as the snorkel cuts through the water

Paddles: Swimmers will also need a pair of hand Paddles.  The Speedo Power Paddle is available at the IFLY discount.  These can be selected above..


  • Four size options make this paddle ideal for all resistance ability levels, drill work, and varying stroke choice
  • Scalloped edges create a smooth pulling trajectory
  • Multiple holes allow water pass-through and provide various strapping options

Small - Length: 7.1" | Width: 6.0" | Height: 0.1"
Medium - Length: 8.6" | Width: 7.0" | Height: 0.1"
Large - Length: 9.2" | Width: 7.5" | Height: 0.1"
Extra Large - Length: 9.6" | Width: 7.9" | Height: 0.1"

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