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You have the option of selecting NON-PERSONALIZED and PERSONALIZED Caps.

Non-personalized caps are available in latex and silicone - with the silicone being the more popular style.  

Personalized caps are available in silicone.  One issue to keep in mind about the personalized caps are there is a minimum order per name of TWO CAPS, however you may order more than two per name.  Please understand we DO NOT print the caps in house.  The print shop we use has minimum requirements.  We must place a minimum order of 25 caps.  If everyone orders 2 caps per name we will need at least 13 different names (26 caps) before we can place the order.  We will do our best to get the order in as soon as we reach 25 caps.  Depending on where we are in the cycle of cap ordering - there will be a lag time between your order, and you recieving the caps.  

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